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study copy Édouard Manet Oysters paintings


The first painting I painted was the FIG tree, but the result was not so good. I wanted to draw the dots, lines, and faces, and the red circle represented the fruit (it changed to a square, because I couldn't draw the circle...) , the black line represents one of the branches of the tree, the diamond represents the green leaves, yellow background on behalf of the sun (pigment yellow, not only yellow, I have to use bright red and yellow orange), blue triangles represent water (after only thought of blackish green, too lazy to change).


This picture is the name of the Hestis eye, I was hoping to draw is the vanity goddess in the eyes of the goddess of time and space, but the goddess of time and space in the painting is painted not so good, so I'll use the thick paint grew out of it. The inspiration for this painting comes from the little poem I wrote before, and now I'm going to put it up:

The goddess of time and space

"You are nothing," said the goddess of vanity, "you are nothing but the illusion in my eyes."

Illusion says: "because of change, so exist. Because of existence, so true. I make sense."

Thus, the goddess of time and space was born in the eyes of the goddess of vanity.

I am absolute "existence", she is absolute "nothingness".

I want to love something, but I have nothing around.

I can only love myself, I love my eyes, because my universe is changing so fast.

One day, my eyes mirrored his beloved.

So I closed my eyes and asked him to dream.


This picture is the name of the snail and the void (at least I think that's much better than the snail, leaves, and the blue sky), inspired by a poem, but I don't remember the name, remember the poem "snail carrying the vanity", it gives me a big shock!


This picture is the name of the person that planting, inspiration is from their writing poetry, and poetry inspiration is in listening to her granny about before when the hard life of a sudden.

Planting is

Grandma and grandpa

Mom and dad

The elder brother elder sister

Brother and sister

They are poor without clothes

They are as thin as a log

They left the desert without birds

They came to the sea without fish

They planted the seedlings here

They drip tears here

Their heads were floating

Hot sun

And eight skeletons in the clouds

I taught myself in my spare time for about half a year, not sketching, not drawing objects, so I tried to draw some abstract paintings. Also don't know how to adjust color, so like to use pure color. (to add later...)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

The next painting, though not a painting, was inspired by a poem that he had written before:

The black unicorn

Lonely I, always understand: I step, all belong to me, also belong to you. So I run day and night, like looking for something?

I, alone, have always understood: the land where I run is not the forest of joy, but the mirror of pain. I can never walk out of this place.

I, alone, always knew: my forehead was a breakthrough, and it was spinning like a galaxy. But such a powerful drill could not Pierce the dark mirror.

Lonely I, always understand: I have a pair of pure black eyes, it is like a black hole is unfathomable. I saw the mirror dead, and I couldn't see myself. I ah! I just want to see the shadow of my failure.

Lonely I, always understand: I am only your shadow. And you're always in my mirror. I have empty space, you have infinite possibility.


Recently, there is another painting called FIG tree.



study copy Édouard Manet Oysters paintings

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