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John Singer Sargent art paintings for sale





There are a lot of things, you take the first step, it has been successful. These are my paintings so far, all the paintings are painted, no p too. We should be able to see the progress can be obvious, there is a location in Wuhan travel met a grandfather painted, very like to shoot down, and hope that their old age can be so free and easy and happy. The first is the first time in November last year to start painting, looking for the snow painting students take me to buy materials, I am learning method, the school is also busy, the frequency of painting is small, the beginning of nothing Understand, let the students took me one, so the first pair of Monet haystack looks can be, behind a few on the miserable, I do not want to admit that I painted. That the smallest, abstract, is casually painted, so ignore it. Finally, a ship is a few weeks ago to draw, I feel pretty good friends, progress is very obvious, the last two days ready to draw a free time again.

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