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Artist Boris Shalyapin

Artist Boris Shalyapin


Boris Fedorovich Shalyapin is the eldest son and the third of six children of Fyodor Ivanovich Shalyapin and his wife Iola Shalyapina-Tornagi, born in Milan, prima ballerina of the Russian private opera SI. Mamontov's.


Boris Shalyapin. Self-portrait


Portrait of Alexander Pushkin, drawn by an 8-year-old
Boris Chaliapin


Children's years of Boris Chaliapin were held in Moscow.


In 1919, Boris Shalyapin studied in Petrograd in the academic workshop of VI. Shukhaeva, in 1920-1923 years. - in Moscow in 1 and 2 GSHM, in 1923-1925. - at the sculptural faculty of VKhUTEMAS and in the studio of S.T. Konenkov. In 1923, Boris spent about three months in Paris, in the summer of 1925 he again comes to Paris and remains. The father acquires a workshop for him in Montmartre. In Paris, Boris continued his studies at the F. Colarossi Academy with S. Geren, in the workshops of K. A. Korovin and D. K. Stepanov.

In 1927, during the tour of Shalyapin in London's Covent Garden, the young artist opened his first exhibition of ten works in the foyer of the theater. Later, his exhibitions in theaters and concert halls often accompanied his father's performances around the world. He also successfully participated in exhibitions of Russian art in European galleries. Often, the artist donated his work for charitable purposes, including for the lottery in favor of the Union of Russian Writers and Journalists (1931) and for the pre-Christmas exhibition-sale under the patronage of Vel. Princess Xenia Alexandrovna (1935).


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In 1935, Boris went with his father to the United States and settled in New York. He created a gallery of picturesque, graphic and sculptural portraits of his father in scenic images. He performed portraits of many celebrities of the musical and literary and artistic world, painted landscapes of the American West and Italian cities, paintings of religious content, still lifes.

In the years 1943-1970. painted portraits of celebrities for the cover of the weekly TIME (a total of 413 covers).

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