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  • Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado the trail winds through a spiral


    The trail winds in a spiral
    Lies a fragile light on the hands
    Night gathers sounds from the field
    And keeps it in the glass till morning
    And in the morning, before the big light,
    To night scenes adds
    Flour cracked silt,
    Lunar sonnets
    Wrapped his shoulders in a dream, leaves
    On the first beam with a basket
    Various subtle aromas
    In their spacious penates,
    In its foggy elements
    From the stage - holograms
    And smiling to the world, gives
    Evening taste of daylight

    Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva



    The immensity of gold flows from the sky,
    Sating the flowers of fragile tenderness with light
    Multidimensional worlds infinity of patterns
    We are brought with fogs distant winds
    Behind the high walls is a secret word,
    And in the lost memory - dark holes
    The look of heaven on the water is repeated again
    Sometimes in heavy rain it gets damp
    Weightless looks in the mirrors of the corridors
    Leave time stellar signs
    And a few openings and a little space
    Those who went out to the Fire,
    Who lit the heart Torch

    Natalia Glazunova-Moiseeva






    Tree of Life

    Behind the corridors
    In the mirrors of hollow black
    Labyrinths ... prisms ... caches ...
    Game of life in a dreamy world
    Uselessness of the bottomless
    Deep and weightless
    In this black mirror
    The world is lost our real ...
    But how real it is
    God knows,
    Keeping secrets ...
    In chromosomes of DNA



    Salvador Dali paintings for sale

  • Vu Cong Dien: best ornaments are always round

    Winter is an irreversible time of year for our latitudes. No matter how brightened its New Year holidays, everything around is tightened by white silence. Bright colors of trees fall to the ground, and they, too, become a recurring part of a dreary landscape. Such different in the leaves, under the snow cover, they are virtually indistinguishable.

    New Year brings an excellent discharge in this long period with the help of tinsel, colored lights and glass balls. The Vietnamese artist Vu Cong Dien decided to add his contribution to this tradition. He turned ordinary trees, and the trees do not have a medium at all, in exactly the same, in fact, jewelry. Its seasons are indistinguishably similar, only the combinations of colors that suggest, only the spring, or spring, are different. He creates an amazing mood for the viewer - bypassing his will. And the trees are invariably fluffy and completely round.



    Vu Cong Dien graduated from Hanoi University of Fine Arts seven years ago. It turns out - most recently, but his paintings are already very popular. For this, apparently, you can thank the used colors and unusual combinations of them, a new look at drawing landscapes Michael Cheval art for sale, and round crowns of fairy-tale trees, and the last - undoubtedly.

    The unique property of these works is that the artist uses two-color and one-color schemes for his landscapes. What is not easy - to depict spring or autumn with two colors is already a modern art. Proof of this is the success of the work - the paintings are in demand far beyond Vietnam. For example, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Hanoi. They are bought in Belgium and Finland - so far they have become part of private collections, but soon they will be taken by eminent museums Kush Paintings for sale. After all, with the silence of winter it is necessary to fight.




  • John Singer Sargent art paintings for sale





    There are a lot of things, you take the first step, it has been successful. These are my paintings so far, all the paintings are painted, no p too. We should be able to see the progress can be obvious, there is a location in Wuhan travel met a grandfather painted, very like to shoot down, and hope that their old age can be so free and easy and happy. The first is the first time in November last year to start painting, looking for the snow painting students take me to buy materials, I am learning method, the school is also busy, the frequency of painting is small, the beginning of nothing Understand, let the students took me one, so the first pair of Monet haystack looks can be, behind a few on the miserable, I do not want to admit that I painted. That the smallest, abstract, is casually painted, so ignore it. Finally, a ship is a few weeks ago to draw, I feel pretty good friends, progress is very obvious, the last two days ready to draw a free time again.