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ss ART Paintings - Page 4

  • study copy Édouard Manet Oysters paintings


    The first painting I painted was the FIG tree, but the result was not so good. I wanted to draw the dots, lines, and faces, and the red circle represented the fruit (it changed to a square, because I couldn't draw the circle...) , the black line represents one of the branches of the tree, the diamond represents the green leaves, yellow background on behalf of the sun (pigment yellow, not only yellow, I have to use bright red and yellow orange), blue triangles represent water (after only thought of blackish green, too lazy to change).


    This picture is the name of the Hestis eye, I was hoping to draw is the vanity goddess in the eyes of the goddess of time and space, but the goddess of time and space in the painting is painted not so good, so I'll use the thick paint grew out of it. The inspiration for this painting comes from the little poem I wrote before, and now I'm going to put it up:

    The goddess of time and space

    "You are nothing," said the goddess of vanity, "you are nothing but the illusion in my eyes."

    Illusion says: "because of change, so exist. Because of existence, so true. I make sense."

    Thus, the goddess of time and space was born in the eyes of the goddess of vanity.

    I am absolute "existence", she is absolute "nothingness".

    I want to love something, but I have nothing around.

    I can only love myself, I love my eyes, because my universe is changing so fast.

    One day, my eyes mirrored his beloved.

    So I closed my eyes and asked him to dream.


    This picture is the name of the snail and the void (at least I think that's much better than the snail, leaves, and the blue sky), inspired by a poem, but I don't remember the name, remember the poem "snail carrying the vanity", it gives me a big shock!


    This picture is the name of the person that planting, inspiration is from their writing poetry, and poetry inspiration is in listening to her granny about before when the hard life of a sudden.

    Planting is

    Grandma and grandpa

    Mom and dad

    The elder brother elder sister

    Brother and sister

    They are poor without clothes

    They are as thin as a log

    They left the desert without birds

    They came to the sea without fish

    They planted the seedlings here

    They drip tears here

    Their heads were floating

    Hot sun

    And eight skeletons in the clouds

    I taught myself in my spare time for about half a year, not sketching, not drawing objects, so I tried to draw some abstract paintings. Also don't know how to adjust color, so like to use pure color. (to add later...)

    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

    The next painting, though not a painting, was inspired by a poem that he had written before:

    The black unicorn

    Lonely I, always understand: I step, all belong to me, also belong to you. So I run day and night, like looking for something?

    I, alone, have always understood: the land where I run is not the forest of joy, but the mirror of pain. I can never walk out of this place.

    I, alone, always knew: my forehead was a breakthrough, and it was spinning like a galaxy. But such a powerful drill could not Pierce the dark mirror.

    Lonely I, always understand: I have a pair of pure black eyes, it is like a black hole is unfathomable. I saw the mirror dead, and I couldn't see myself. I ah! I just want to see the shadow of my failure.

    Lonely I, always understand: I am only your shadow. And you're always in my mirror. I have empty space, you have infinite possibility.


    Recently, there is another painting called FIG tree.



    study copy Édouard Manet Oysters paintings

  • Dance at the Moulin de la Galette paintings

    You can see the color of the sky has been confused ... ... Oh
    Can only wait a while and then draw.
    After a while, the cake teacher again painted cream.
    A small can of white was soon killed.
    But still resolutely painted (wiped) finished!
    Finished product:


    Has been hit my painting dad saw, comment me for: typhoon weather, wheat waves roll. I can be bad music: the pursuit of this is not rolling it!
    I'm rolling all over the picture!
    # Roll it, big cat!

    May 5, 2016 Updated:
    The sky under the Rhone.
    I have always wanted to complete the work.
    This "Van Gogh 1: 1 series" decided to paint it!


    In the paint for a while and then add a little strokes to polish:


    Wife to work overtime home, give her a surprise.


    After some simple encouragement, she began to ask me: where did you intend to put ah? Home also let people do not live?





    Pierre Auguste Renoir Dance at the Moulin de la Galette Hand-Painted Art Reproductions

  • Oil painting techniques and materials

    Oil painting techniques and materials
    As an artistic language, oil painting includes color, light and shade, lines, texture, brushwork, texture, light perception, space, composition and many other modeling factors, the role of oil painting techniques is to shape the factors integrated or focused individually reflected , The performance of oil painting material fully provides the possibility of using oil painting techniques on a second-degree flat foundation. The process of oil painting is that the artist consciously master the oil painting material, choose and use the creative process which can express the artistic thought and form the artistic image. Oil painting not only expresses the artist's ideological content, but also shows the unique beauty of oil painting u2500 u2500 painting.

    Emulsion material

    Emulsion material is a kind of excellent traditional material with a long history, which has got a new development in modern times. The emulsion-type material is a mixed-type material containing both a water-based and an oil-based component, and the advantages of both are also met. A variety of Tampere painting materials such as egg color, cheese color and wax materials are all emulsion series. Emulsion material can be diluted with water, drying speed, similar to water-based materials; can be thick opaque coating, dry and insoluble in water, but also has the advantages of oil-based materials. All kinds of modern propylene, ethylene synthetic pigments retains the characteristics of traditional emulsion materials, but also has the advantages of oily materials, and there are other materials can not replace the effect, is a great development of new materials.

    Oily materials

    The use of oily materials and natural resins as the main medium for painting is oil painting, which is the traditional egg color and egg white and other emulsion-based materials evolved. Oily material is characterized by slow drying, shiny and can be covered repeatedly coated with thick. Oily material has a strong expression and rich technical effect, it can be said that almost all the other materials and paintings include the technical characteristics of species. The characteristics of the oily material allow to delineate the shape of the object in depth, which can show the rich and lifelike color relation of the object, which accords with the desire of the people to reproduce the visual reality in the 14th century and promote the development of the western painting to the realism. Oil painting has been in the Western painting after the birth of the dominant position, and worldwide development, which also proved the superiority of oily materials. The transition from water-based materials to oily materials is a long process of change that has lasted for thousands of years and is a major breakthrough in painting techniques and even in art history. The use of oil and resin is one of the important features that distinguishes western painting material techniques from oriental painting techniques.
    Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio art
    Water-based materials

    The earliest use of human pigment is based on water-soluble materials. It is natural that diluents and binders, such as water, gum or animal gum, were naturally used in the early paintings as natural pigments. They were easy to draw and simple to use, which was consistent in the early Eastern and Western paintings. Today's watercolors and gouache pigments are all water-based media, the expression of free, smooth, can produce light, transparent effect, but also Chinese painting, Japanese painting and other oriental painting the main material type.

    Oil painting materials

    Oil painting materials can be divided into base material, oil paint and media agent material three categories. Substrate material refers to the backing material that carries the paint layer and the base paint. Oil paint is the main material that directly expresses the color and texture effect of painting. Media agent material is used to adjust the pigments and make it together with the base material of the various diluents, binders and polish and so on.